SIC Testcommunication

The «The Research Center «TestSvyaz» LTD offers services in next areas:

1. Providing of consulting services in products marketing to the market of Ukraine, CIS, Europe, Asia, USA, Canada and South America markets - a certification of products and services in obedience to international standards and national laws.

Services in implementation and marketing of radio products and major appliances to the Ukraine and CIS markets

Do you gather to supply the needing certification products to Ukraine and countries the CIS?

You needs to get confirmation that your products are reliable, safe and satisfies to all law requirements?

The "TestSvyaz" company will render services in the certification of your products in obedience to the Ukraine and countries the CIS laws, bringing of radio equipment in national registers.

The "TestSvyaz" company organizes works on a certification from filing of a declaration form and grant of samples in the accredited proof-of-concept laboratory to certification of conformity issuing for the next types of equipment:

  • mobile and fixed telephones, faxes and modems,
  • computer equipment and software,
  • telecommunication equipment, goods and systems (software) for operators,
  • major appliances,
  • navigation equipment,
  • radio stations and cellular communication networks;


The "TestSvyaz" company also will relieve you:

  • in work performance about testing in accordance with the requirements of national state authorities and connection operators;
  • on authentication of goods and technical documentation;
  • in the search of the best local partners on warranty obligations maintenance and utilization obligations;
  • in the receipt of sanitary service Decisions on radio devices.


Services in the receipt of certificates for the Europe and USA countries

Do you want to become a competent player on the Europe and USA markets?

Do you need confirmation that your goods are safe for health and environment?

The "TestSvyaz" company:

  • will prepare all documentation, necessary for the receipt of CE Marking certificate for you,
  • organizes testing of your equipment on accordance of European standards and ЕU Directive requirements.


Consultative services in the ISO 9001 certificate of conformity receipt

The "TestSvyaz" company renders the wide spectrum of services in development, introduction and certification of QMS (quality management system) on the international standard ISO 9001: 2008 requirements

  • will relieve on development and adaption of quality management system procedures;
  • organizes an internal and pre-certification audit for you;
  • will relieve in the serve of documents to the Ukrainian accredited agency and certification agency of Europe and USA for the QMS certification to receipt of ISO 9001 certificate.

2. Services in holding of seminars and conferences.

Our company gives services in holding of seminars and conferences in different directions of economic activity at high professional level.

The "TestSvyaz" company seminars it’s:

  • pressing questions of economic activity
  • lectures and consultations of leading specialists, known scientists


3. Services in holding of marketing researches for Ukrainian goods and services market

Specialists of the "TestSvyaz" company in a high professional level:

  • will conduct marketing researches of Ukrainian goods and services markets,
  • will work out the business plans of development conception.


4. Services in presentation and marketing of goods and services on the Ukrainian markets

The "TestSvyaz" company will prepare and realize an exclusive company on presentation and marketing of your goods and services on the Ukrainian markets

5. Services in the high-professional staff recruitment and specialists employment

The "TestSvyaz" company carries out the staff recruitment for the Ukrainian and international companies on the basis of complex methods of professional level estimation and study of the candidates personal internalss, and also personnel teaching.

The "TestSvyaz" company renders services in employment of specialists in the Ukrainian and international companies.